Spinal Decompression

Non-Surgical spinal decompression therapy with the SpineMED® spinal decompression system is considered the world’s leading non-surgical decompression system that treats patients who are suffering from acute or chronic back and neck pain, herniated or bulging discs, facet syndrome, and sciatica among other conditions. The SpineMED® spinal decompression system also provides a new procedure to treat patients suffering from discogenic pain. Many patients, who have had surgery, yet they still feel the same symptoms, have also found relief from treatment on the SpineMED® spinal decompression system at Chronic Conditions Chiropractic. This device is designed to target and decompress injured intervertebral discs through distraction and positioning of the lumbar or cervical spine.

SpineMED® Treatment
Millions of people suffer from back pain every year, and 85% of the US population suffers from back or neck pain at some point in their lives (medlineplus.gov, 2016).

Suffering from chronic pain can be a huge imposition on a person’s life. In fact, enjoying regular activities, the ones that brought you so much joy, may have recently become challenging because of the amount of pain caused by conditions that can be treated with the SpineMED® spinal decompression system. There is absolutely no reason that you should have to give up your regular activities for a condition that can be treated without surgery. We understand how everyone’s body changes as we age, and back and neck pain can become a chronic condition faster than ever before. Unfortunately, it also takes longer to recover from those painful episodes as we get older.

Achieving decompression depends upon the ability to decompress the spine without eliciting reflex muscle contractions or spasms. The SpineMED® spinal decompression system monitors tension applied to the patient every 2.5 milliseconds and can make adjustments every 20 milliseconds. This ability to almost instantly sense and adjust tensions is a key difference that distinguishes the SpineMED® spinal decompression system from other devices and conventional traction. Based on years of clinical experience, and feedback gained from healthcare professionals in the field, the SpineMED® spinal decompression system was designed to overcome the limitations and side-effects found with previous devices. For instance, cumbersome nylon harnesses, outdated tower design, and antiquated traction components have been eliminated and replaced with a patented restraint system, exclusive pelvic tilt mechanism, and advanced computer controls such as those used on the SpineMED® spinal decompression system.

At Chronic Conditions Chiropractic in San Luis Obispo, we understand why you may have concerns about spinal decompression and using the SpineMED® device for treatment. Like any medical treatment, the best way to determine if SpineMED® is right for you is to establish an honest, unbiased discussion about your symptoms. Creating a dialogue between patient and doctor is essential to any treatment, and our number one goal at Chronic Conditions Chiropractic is to ensure your safety, recovery, and health.

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